Moremi Lite

Moremi Lite Trailvan

Moremi Lite Trailvan – Adenture is out there

Moremi Lite Trailvan

We recently launched this custom camping trailer, with our Moremi XLT, and we tested the campers in nature.

The camping trailer was up to the task, ready to take on nature, and best of all – very, very light!


Tarra: 450kg

GVM: 750kg

1 ton axle with blades

Total Length: 3.5m

Width: 1.5m

Height: 1,2m

Ground Clearance: 300mm

Moremi Lite Trailvan – fully setup, here with an optional shower cubicle

Moremi Lite Trailvan – off-road, in nature, where it should be

Moremi Lite Trailvan

Kitchenette with an optional fridge, place to make coffee or do the dishes.

Moremi Lite

The bed is spacious and comfy, ready for a night in the bushveld.

Look at all that space!

Packing space

You can pack your clothes and toiletries here, keeping your luggage to a minimum.

Fully Setup

Fully Setup – Another angle

A fully set up Moremi Lite camping trailer.

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