Why should you choose the Moremi Sport Rooftop Tent?

You should choose this little number, because it offers you simplicity in nature. It sets up in less than 20 seconds, and packing it up is just as easy. What is more, is that you can have the rooftop tent fitted to the rooftop of your 4×4 vehicle or luggage trailer – and you will still be able to use your vehicle or open your luggage trailer. It’s an affordable option for people who love to be close to nature. See more here.

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Another Moremi Sport Rooftop Tent Fitted and Delivered

Moremi Sport Rooftop Tent

We manufactured, fitted and delivered another Moremi Sport Rooftop Tent to a satisfied client.

Here at Custom Canopies and Trailers, we want to fulfil all of your camping needs.  Contact us today for your very own rooftop tent.

rooftop tent - custom canopiesrooftop tent - custom canopies

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E-mail: customcanopies@mweb.co.za

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Gizmo and Moremi Rooftop Tent Combo

Here at Custom Canopies and Trailers, we manufacture the Moremi Sport Rooftop Tent, a small rooftop tent that comes in two sizes (sit sizes in). We also manufacture the Gizmo luggage trailer, and the Moremi Sport Rooftop Tent fits onto it just perfectly. We also have a promotion running on our Rooftop Tent today, that includes a voucher for a free weekend at Kyleu Bushcamp.


custom trailers south africa

Custom Trailers South Africa

Moremi Sport Rooftop Tents – on their way to adventure!

These Moremi Sport Rooftop Tents are on their way to adventure, with happy and impressed clients only delivering the best feedback.  Small, compact, easy to setup and easy to pack up – under 20 seconds – can you afford not to take advantage of this small camping aid?

Our promotion with Kyleu Bushcamp

Custom Trailers South Africa

Here at Custom Canopies and campers we are currently hosting a winter special with Kyleu Bushcamp. Buy one of our full Moremi Sport Rooftop Tents, which fits on any 4×4 utility vehicle, and trailers, and receive a voucher for a free weekend at Kyleu Bushcamp. This voucher is valid for 6 months after your purchase, terms and conditions apply. To learn more about Kyleu Bushcamp, visit their website here.

custom trailers south africa

custom trailers south africa

Camping & Fishing Gear

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